receiptWe want to be transparent about pricing. There are many moving pieces that affect price. We have tried to capture them here so you can estimate what an event might cost your facility.


$1950/full day

$1300/half day with an overnight stay

$1100/half day without an overnight stay

*Base rates are for one simulation scenario with one truck team for up to 24 learners (six learners per session due to Covid limitations). If an event requires more than one truck, the base rate and the add-ons are multiplied by the number of trucks.


$450 - Add an extra scenario on the same day.

$450 - Add extra time slots to accommodate additional learners.

$450 - Add an additional SIM-MT team member due to nature of scenario.

$450 - If specialist is required to craft a specific scenario.

$450 - Crossing a state line (per line).

$500 - If scenario is IN-SITU rather than in the lab. NOTE: This can occasionally trigger an additional team member as well.

$500 - Using multiple manikins or bays in the truck (combining EMS and hospital and moving from the ambulance bay to the ER bay. Or multi patient scenarios.) NOTE: This can occasionally trigger additional team members.