Maile Allzer


Simulation specialist

Maile Allzer spent her younger years in Hawaii and her high school years in Washington State. She came to Montana for college where she got her bachelor’s degrees in health-related fields and a master’s degree in health sciences. Her master’s project was “Intergenerational Learning as an Intervention for Dementia.”

Maile has a passion for medicine and is excited for any opportunity to have open dialogue about healthcare and teamwork opportunities within the medical community. Maile has been an EMT for the last ten years and has worked in pre-hospital, in hospital, and post-hospital environments. She spent five years working as a pharmacy technician and five years as a member of the Big Sky Volunteer Ski Patrol.

In her free time Maile likes to be outside and travel with her husband and two dogs- a golden retriever and a rough collie. She especially enjoys hiking, paddle boarding, mountain biking, skiing, singing, and dancing hula.