Board of Directors

About Our Board


Simulation in Motion Montana, Inc. is a non-profit corporation governed by a volunteer board of directors who contribute ideas, expertise, and government of the organization. 

SIM-MT's board of directors is comprised of 6-9 members from a variety of sectors. Together, they provide guidance, strategic insights, and official oversight of the organization. In addition, every member of the board financially supports SIM-MT because they believe strongly in the mission of the organization. SIM-MT is lucky to have such breadth of expertise and dedication from our highly qualified board members. 


Meet our Board of Directors

Dale Pearson

Board President

Dale has an engineering degree and MBA from the University of Minnesota. He spent the first 10+ years out of college working as a project controls/project engineer on various large-scale, industrial projects around the U.S. Read More...

Darin Bell

Vice President

Dr. Darin Bell received his medical degree from the University of Texas Southwestern Medical School, in Dallas, Texas, and did his residency training at the Alaska Family Medicine Residency Program in Anchorage, Alaska. Read More...

Dave Gurchiek


During Dr. Dave Gurchiek’s time in the Montana University System, he served as dean, associate dean, department chair in a number of departments, faculty/program director, state faculty union vice president, & academic senator.  Read More...

Edith Clark


Edith J. Clark became an R. N. In 1964. She has worked in small rural hospitals in nearly every department as well as in Administration for the past forty years. Read More...

Drew Dawson

Past Chair

A Montana native Drew served as Montana’s EMS Training Coordinator for several years and the MT State EMS Director for over 20 years. Read More...

Joby Flyn

Board Member

Joby’s adventure in healthcare began 18 years ago at Northeast Montana Health Services.  Her experience includes Long Term Care in a rural environment. Read More...