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Outstanding Training!

Outstanding training. Needs to be highly encouraged for all ER, ICU, OB/PED staff. Need this training FREQUENTLY!

- Zach D. 

St. Peters Hospital

Tailored to Our Needs

Excellent training. The best SIM based training I have seen. Love that you tailored sims to meet our needs and mission!

- Chuck C.

Flathead County Sheriff

Great Hands On Class

It was a great experience and I learned a lot. It was great doing hands on class. We appreciate that you came to Shelby.

- Julie G.

EMT, Marias Medical Center

Fantastic Instructors

This is an open experience with fantastic instructors. As close to a real life experience as you can get. I would recommend this simulation to both new and experienced providers both. Learn something new or brush up on skills you may not use everyday. Fantastic experience!

- Nick S. 

EMT Miles City Fire Dept.

Best Ever!

I have been in EMS for 15 years, Best Refresher Ever! The sim lab gets an A plus as a training aid!

- Tim B. 

Bigfork Fire Dept.


Absolutely AMAZING! Very realistic, just like real life. Keep coming to our fire department!

- Jeremy G. 

Hebgen Basin Rural Fire Dept.

Thank You!!

The entire simulation was very beneficial. You were all great with your experience and input.

- Janette G. 

Prairie Community Medical Center

Wonderful Experience

This was an amazing, stress free way of learning. We learned what were our oversights - what we could have done better in a relaxed environment. Then after we learned, we were able to discuss what happened. I felt the instructor was excellent in the fact he never once made me feel like a failure. I can't express what a wonderful experience this was. We really hope you come back and spend more time with us.

- Rural EMT

Realistic Training

Very well organized and realistic! I enjoyed the way the scenario unfolded and participants were left to work through each scenario in a real life way. The post scenario reviews were very helpful.

- John P.

Three Forks EMS

Knowledgeable Educators

The simulation was great, and the educators were very knowledgeable. I have learned a lot and I am ready to use the knowledge I gained today in our hospital. Thank you so much! 

- Elena S.

Daniels Memorial Medical Center

This Was Great!

This was great! Very low key which made me feel comfortable in this learning environment. It's nice to have a refresher like this! Would be nice to have simulation more often for education. 

- April S.

RN, Stillwater Billings Clinic

Amazing Training

Amazing training for a subject I've never had hands on practice with. Controlled but stressful environment.

- Mathew H.

Joilet EMS

Learned About Myself

This course was phenomenal. I feel I learned a lot about myself and my own clinical skills. I feel more confident as a nurse. The instructors were encouraging and great educators!

- Caitlin B.

RN, Prairie Community Medical Center

Love This Class!

This was the most real life training I've done in year! I love this class. I would do this every month if I could!

- Tracy N.

Bigfork Fire Dept.

Best Medical Scenario Ever

Probably one of the best medical scenarios I've ever been a part of. The quality of the manikin and realism of the ambulance interior was incredible.

- Tim C. 



Excellent opportunity to practice skills. Simulation and crew were phenomenal. I most appreciate how well the simulation team mitigated egos and competition and focused the participants on the skills and learning.

- Paramedic

Miles City Fire Dept.