simulation overview

Why clinicians are embracing simulation

Simulation reduces preventable medical errors.

Simulation improves patient outcomes.

Simulation increases healthcare team performance.

Simulation prepares teams for high consequence care.

Simulation identifies latent patient care threats.



SIM-MT's specialized service

We customize each simulation to fit your team's unique learning objectives.

SIM-MT is uniquely qualified to provide you and your team with high fidelity simulation training. We create simulations that mirror concerns in your area to provide your team with the training they need to address cases head on. Each simulation is customized according to your learning objectives, your team, and your challenges.

If you're looking for training topic ideas, view our Simulation Topic List. It will help you get started.


"This is an open experience with fantastic instructors. As close to a real life experience as you can get. I would recommend this simulation to both new and experienced providers both. Learn something new or brush up on skills you may no use everyday. Fantastic experience!"

-Nick S. EMT

What about the cost?

We are committed to bringing simulation to you!

The average simulation training day varies depending on the complexity of the event, the distance the team travels, and the number of learners participating in the event. However, SIM-MT is committed to bringing simulation training to your team at your doorstep. If your facility has financial barriers that preclude you from taking advantage of simulation training, we can help!

SIM-MT is supported by a variety of private donors, grants, corporate sponsors, and other partnerships. Don't let the cost of the program prevent you from taking advantage of our service. Fill out our Scholarship Form and we will find a way to close the financial gap.