Sara Kaull

Executive director

As a natural born creator, Sara has grown and sold multiple ventures, spent over a decade leading a real estate office as the managing broker and created a non-profit, Million Girl Army, focused on providing middle school girls a voice as the next generation of world changers.

With a Master's in Education, an appetite for learning, and the innate ability to see the perspective from differing views, Sara's unique skillset as the Executive Director is unparalleled. She is energized by her strong belief in justice and believes in working empathy for others into all facets of the professional world.

Sara's background includes education, brand & marketing, public relations, consulting and team building, sales and public speaking. Those core skills are surrounded by a passion for creating new answers to old questions, putting details in place, solving complex problems, and doing so while inspiring others to do the same. She brings all these talents and more to her current job as Executive Director for SIM-MT.

When not creating, Sara is the ultimate bookworm and is particularly fascinated with historical fiction. She is an avid writer and enjoys world travel with her family.